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AV’s Overseas isn’t just an education consultancy; we are architects of success stories. Our journey is woven with the triumphs of students who dared to dream big and chose AV’s as their guide.

What We're All About

Embark on a life-changing academic adventure with AV’s Overseas, where we turn dreams into reality. Explore an array of opportunities across Germany, Ireland, the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. Whether you’re aspiring for a Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, or the prestigious MBBS, AV’s is your launchpad to world-class education.

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At AV’s Overseas, our mission is to turn your dreams into realities. With unwavering dedication and personalized support, we aim to be your compass on this transformative journey of education abroad. Trust us to guide you toward a future filled with knowledge, growth, and success.


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Mr. Raju D

Founder, AV's Overseas

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Welcome to Av’s Overseas, where our dedicated team of experienced advisors, knowledgeable counselors, and passionate educators work tirelessly to ensure your study abroad dreams become a reality. With diverse expertise across various global education systems, we provide personalized guidance and unwavering support every step of the way. Trust us to navigate your path to international academic success with confidence and care.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower global citizens through education, fostering a world where knowledge knows no boundaries. Join us in shaping a future where dreams are achievable, and success is inevitable.

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AV's Overseas, Your Partner in Global Education

We are AV’s Overseas, a dedicated team with years of expertise, committed to guiding and empowering students on their journey to global education excellence, offering comprehensive services from counseling to successful visa processing 

Who We Are

At AV’s Overseas, our story is woven with a passion for transforming aspirations into tangible achievements. Founded with a vision to redefine the landscape of global education, we stand as more than consultants; we are catalysts for dreams. Our journey is marked by a relentless commitment to empowering students worldwide, fostering a community that transcends borders. What sets AV’s apart is not just our unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricate realm of global education but our genuine dedication to each student’s unique journey. We believe in personalized guidance that extends beyond conventional consultancy, nurturing innovation, and embracing unconventional paths to success. As architects of success stories, we take pride in our mission to empower global citizens through education, forging a future where knowledge knows no boundaries. Join us at AV’s Overseas, where your journey to academic excellence is not just guided; it’s crafted with care and a commitment to your success.